Founded in 1850, C.HAFNER is today is one of Europe’s leading providers of products and services in the field of precious metals technology. A fifth-generation family firm that is currently managed by Birgitta Hafner and Dr. Philipp Reisert, we rely on innovative, economical products, a strong personal focus on the customer and stringent environmental standards – not merely out of tradition but also through our own conviction.

C.HAFNER’s clientele for precious metal products includes leading jewellery and watch makers from both industrial and handcraft sectors, famous producers of luxury goods and decorative items and well-known firms manufacturing industrial products based on precious metals.

And as a high-performance material, precious metal can also be found at the forefront of dental technology. We develop and produce high-grade dental alloys, mill CAD/CAM-based frameworks from precious metals and offer solutions and technologies for electroforming and implantology to laboratories and dental surgeries.

In addition to its individual business fields, the company also operates in the traditional sector of precious metal refining, i.e. the recycling of precious metal waste produced during a wide range of manufacturing processes. The recycling of precious metal at C.HAFNER is characterised by the highest technological standards in terms of reprocessing, environmental technology and maximum process speeds.

C.HAFNER is an innovative specialist for precious metal technology who is in demand throughout Europe thanks to its centuries-old knowledge, highly qualified staff and state-of-the art technological standards for all applications.


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