Business and quality policy

Our business and quality policy forms the basis of our behaviour and our conduct.

As a family-run business engaged in the processing of precious metals, we base our business and quality policy on the model of the reputable merchant. This epitomises a clear sense of responsibility toward company, society and the environment and supports his behaviour  on moral virtues to be aimed for ensuring the long-term economic success of our company. The values of sincerity, esteem, sustainability and transparency are the basis of cooperation inside and outside the company. We expect our business partners to apply similar values to their own conduct.

We refrain from any actions which promise or grant favours to business partners or third parties in order to secure a transaction. It is not permitted to receive from suppliers, customers or other business partners any financial incentives or favours of any type whatsoever for the purposes of personal benefit or enrichment. 

Respect for the environment, the responsible use of the resources water, ground, air and energy, respect for human rights and compliance with 2004/113/EC (directive implementing the principle of equal treatment) are a matter of course for us.

Our management system is guiding our business according to the various requirements of  the sections medical devices, precious metal products, laboratory and work practices in gold trading and recycling business.

We are certified as follows:    

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • DIN EN ISO 13485:2012-11
  • 93/42/EWG Annex II excluding section 4
  • DIN EN ISO 17025:2005-08
  • LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance

We apply the principle of continuous improvement all over our company. Education, optimisation of manufacturing processes and administrative procedures, ongoing and new development of products and the enhancement of customer relations through customer care are paramount. This is driven by regular internal audits carried out at the instigation of the executive boad. It is the task of management to promote quality-oriented thinking among all persons employed by C. HAFNER.

In order to maintain the accreditation status of our laboratory, the company grants this section sufficient independence to ensure that no members of this department are subject to impermissible, commercial, financial or other influences which might impair their technical judgment.

In compliance with the ethical requirements of LBMA’s Responsible Gold Guidance, C. HAFNER accepts no gold-bearing products or goods which originate from any area of high risk or which have been shipped through such an area. We require from our gold suppliers to evidence these postulations and that  their gold-bearing products or goods have not been manufactured or obtained with the aid of child labour, exploitation or slavery, violation of human rights or threat of violence. Similarly, we prohibit any transactions involving gold-bearing products or goods for the purposes of financing criminal or terrorist acts, money laundering, tax evasion or corruption. Suitable methods of tracing transactions and evaluating suppliers for the purpose of risk assessment are in place at C. HAFNER and are duly implemented. 


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