Conflict-free precious metal according to internationally certified standards.

As a family company which can look back on a 165-year tradition, it goes without saying that C.HAFNER places the greatest importance on ethical practices. In order to document this for the outside world, we also regularly subject ourselves to the stringent audits of the RJC and the LBMA. These institutions of the luxury goods and precious metal processing industry audit and certify that our supply chains fully comply with the ethical and environmental guidelines of the OECD.

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international association of companies in the jewellery and watchmaking industry and their suppliers with the aim of promoting an ethical, social and environmentally safe and humane corporate policy. Companies bind themselves to these basic principles by issuing a declaration of commitment on corporate practice, known as the Code of Practices (CoP).

In addition, the Chain of Custody (CoC) standard guarantees that the highest standards are adhered to in terms of human rights, working conditions, environmental impact and ethical business practices along the entire supply chain. This means that the origin and purity of precious metals are analysed, monitored and documented throughout the whole refining and processing chain – from goods inwards, refining, processing and finishing to delivery. A certificate – known as a transfer document – provides customers with evidence of the verified origin of the precious metals and the ethical and environmental harmlessness of the material supplied.

Furthermore, C.HAFNER has been awarded the coveted Good Delivery Status of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) – one of the most important institutions in the precious metal processing industry worldwide. Above all, the Good Delivery Status offers companies and end-customers the security of knowing that gold which has been accorded this status comes from sources which have not infringed any human rights or supported any criminal activities. In addition, this status guarantees the highest degree of purity of the refined gold. Fine gold bars from C.HAFNER can therefore be traded worldwide without restrictions and at their full face value.

Independent institutes regularly monitor adherance to these international standards.

This means that gold from C.HAFNER is not associated with

  • any infringement of human rights (such as child labour, slavery),
  • any support for any criminal activities, such as money laundering or tax evasion,
  • any damage to the environment.

    Our customers can rely on this – today and in the future.



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