An eventful history. 165 years of C.HAFNER.

The history of the firm C.HAFNER reaches far back into the 19th century. It was accompanied by dramatic economic crises, the ravages of war and constant change brought about by technology. Despite these influences, the founders of the firm and the following generations have managed to steer the company’s fortunes with ever-increasing success over the years. C.HAFNER has made a name for itself as a business with entrepreneurial courage; one which strives towards innovation and is also known for its tenacious and optimistic approach.

1850 – 1892

The firm “C.HAFNER” was founded by Carl Hafner as a “skimmings processing company”. It specialised in the recovery of precious metal from the scrap produced by the jewellery industry.

During the Great Depression and stock market crash in Vienna in 1873, jewellery-makers started to turn towards low-carat materials. In 1892, Robert Hafner senior, representing the second generation of the founding family, merged the firm with the Carl Dieterle assay laboratory.

1920 – 1923

The third generation of the family then took its place in the business, with Robert Hafner joining the company in 1920 and Dr. Herbert Hafner in 1923. At this time it produced semi-finished parts for the jewellery industry.

Herbert Hafner was responsible for developing the firm’s metallurgical laboratory. He stepped up the development of metal alloys for dentistry and paved the way for the Dental division.


C.HAFNER developed the first tooth-coloured gold alloys with the name “Elfenbeingold” (ivory gold).

1941 – 1945

The fate of the C.HAFNER gold and silver refining business seemed to have been sealed in 1941 with the early death of the engineer Dr. Herbert Hafner, followed by complete destruction of the factory in 1945. However, upon Robert Hafner junior returning from captivity as a prisoner of war, he then channelled all of his energies into rebuilding the firm again.


Relocation of the company to Bleichstrasse

1958 – 1961

Members of the fourth generation of the family joined the business, which was now flourishing: These were Dr. oec. publ. Ruth Reisert-Hafner in 1958 and Dipl.-Ing. Jobst W. Hafner in 1961.

The company was restructured and modernised to bring it into line with changing demands.


C.HAFNER became an environmental pioneer by installing a tunnel line to detoxify chemical waste water at the company.


Construction of a new plant to expand and modernise production.


Portfolio of semi-finished parts extended to include the so-called “creative range”.


Extension of laboratory facilities


Development of a palladium-based alloy for jewellery as a high-quality, grey contrast medium in cooperation with Pforzheim University.


Growing importance of environmental engineering. A waste water treatment plant which was developed in-house is designed to return filtered water to the production cycle.


Emergence of electroforming in the dental market.


The fifth generation of the family joined the firm. In 1995, management of the company was transferred to Birgitta Hafner and Dr. oec. Philipp Reisert.
This was followed by certification of the quality management system to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485. The range of available services was extended to include contract-based electroforming.


Takeover of pipe manufacturer V. Rehm.


New facility commissioned for state-of-the-art recycling of precious metal. The systems designed here set a new benchmark in recycling technology.


C.HAFNER celebrated its 150-year jubilee in 2000, proving that a small family firm can become a frontrunner.


The production plant increased in size in 2001 following rebuilding work lasting a year.


Classic gold range for dental applications extended to include white, ceramic products.


Founding of the “C.HAFNER Creative” product segment for goldsmiths and jewellery designers.


Launch of CeHa imPLANT, a software-based 3D-implant planning system for dentists. Doubling of electroplating capacity through the addition of new production areas.


Accreditation of C.HAFNER’s analysis service by an official accreditation body.


Launch of "Milling Precious Metals" at the IDS in spring 2011. The background to this is the march of digitisation in dentistry. With this new precious metal milling concept, C.HAFNER brings digital technology to the processing of precious metals.


C.HAFNER acquires Hilderbrand & Cie SA in Geneva, thereby expanding its competence in the area of brazing and soldering pastes.


Internationally certified: C.HAFNER awarded LBMA Good Delivery status


In August the company moves into its brand new corporate headquarters in Wimsheim. By bringing together all its previous locations under a single roof, C.HAFNER can look forward to excellent opportunities and a beneficial impact on future development and competitiveness.


Nowadays, C.HAFNER is one of Europe’s leading solution and service providers in the field of precious metal technology and employs some 200 staff at three different sites.


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