REACH Regulation

With the introduction of REACH, the new European legislation governing chemicals, on 1 June 2007, commencement of the various transitional periods then came into force. This was followed by the start of the pre-registration phase on 1 June 2008. C.HAFNER took advantage of this phase to pre-register all substances concerned in order to make use of the transitional periods granted for phase-in substances.

At the end of the pre-registration phase, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will publish a list of all pre-registered phase-in substances on its website. This gives the name of the substance, the EINECS or CAS number and the initial period for registration. Pre-registration numbers are issued for the company submitting the application and are not published by ECHA. For this reason they will not be disclosed by C.HAFNER either. This concerns the requirements regarding communication within the supply chain in particular. Every day we receive numerous REACH questionnaires about our products and have therefore decided to respond with a standard letter , i.e. we do not complete detailed, product-specific questionnaires. This applies to web-based questionnaires in particular.

C.HAFNER aims to retain its product portfolio and not discontinue any products within the framework of REACH. This naturally also applies to the products we supply to you.

We additionally offer you certainty in terms of planning: Should any major changes regarding the marketability or use of a substance become apparent in future, we will notify you immediately and offer you alternative solutions at an early stage. C.HAFNER assumes different roles here (e.g. manufacturer, trader, subsequent user), with each being subject to the obligations resulting under REACH. Please understand that we are unable to provide information about individual products in this context.

The following activities offer an overview of the current implementation stage of REACH:

  • C.HAFNER is preparing for all necessary implementation steps with reference to the wording of the regulation and the available Technical Guidance Documents.
  • The product portfolio has been reviewed in the context of possible pre-registration/registration and authorisation obligations. Pre-registration of the substances identified was carried out before the deadline.
  • At present none of our products contain substances as alloying elements which are included by ECHA in the list of Substances of Very High Concern.
  • C.HAFNER is working towards licensing for the relevant applications involving all substances subject to authorisation.
  • C.HAFNER plans to strike the necessary balance between the level of scientific detail and practical implementation as regards performance of the Chemical Safety Assessments (CSAs), issue of the Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs) and lastly, communication of the risk management measures via the extended Safety Data Sheet.
  • Our safety data sheets comply with the provisions currently in force and undergo continuous updating in line with the requirements of the REACH Regulation.

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