Support of junior staff

Responsibility for the development of junior staff and support of young goldsmiths and designers have always formed a key part of the corporate philosophy at C.HAFNER. Our numerous competitions and cooperation projects involving universities and other training institutes for jewellery makers in Europe are vital in allowing C.HAFNER to remain in touch with the international jewellery scene and ensure a lively exchange of ideas and know-how.

2011 Pforzheim revisited

Pforzheim revisited is a cooperation project between Pforzheim University and the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin. The aim of this project is to bring back to life old goldsmith’s techniques and apply them to contemporary jewellery design. C.HAFNER has supported this venture with a six-month grant for students on an exchange programme between Pforzheim University and Berlin’s Deutsches Technikmuseum. In 2011 the grant was awarded to: Fabian Jäger (Pforzheim University)

2011 Fibre mats

Fibre mats of very fine gold wire are just one item making up C.HAFNER’s so-called creative range. In a semester project with Pforzheim University’s School of Design, these fibre mats became the springboard for imaginative ideas for design.

2011 Tableware items

In cooperation with Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, C.HAFNER offered help on a semester project with materials based on the following theme: Table culture, serving cutlery and spoon-making in silver. Items in the photograph created by: Sawa Aso

2004 RRH Stipendium

The RRH Award, which was named after its founder Dr. Ruth Reisert-Hafner, offered financial assistance to jewellery design students between 2004 and 2009. This was awarded following a design competition based on different themes each year, with the first prize being a grant for a period of study abroad. The aim of the award was to give goldsmiths and jewellery designers an insight into the international jewellery scene while they were still in training.

2000 Electroforming

The electroforming technique and the associated opportunities for design were the starting point for a research project realised in cooperation with designer Barbara Simon and the Gemstone and Jewellery Design department of Trier University of Applied Sciences. Jewellery: Barbara Simon

1998 Masterpieces

A project carried out in cooperation with Goldschmiedeschule Pforzheim, a college for jewellery and watch making.

1996 Granulation

A jewellery competition organised in cooperation with Hanau’s Association for Goldsmiths’ Art on the theme of granulation. Prize winner: Christiane Förster

1989 CeHa Pall competition

The palladium alloy “CeHa Pall” developed by C.HAFNER with Pforzheim University was the theme chosen for a competition open to students and apprentices. Award-winning item (bowl): Willi Häfele


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