Out of responsibility

CO₂-neutral gold

Position 1

Climate change is real.
Our future is at stake.

Is it man-made, being overdramatic, irreversible or not?

Position 2

Now is the time to act.
This goes for the precious metal industry too.

But can one single person make any kind of difference?

Position 3

Secondary gold means greater sustainability. Because mined gold has a much larger CO₂ footprint.

Smaller by a factor of 400 to 2,000

Secondary gold only

Position 4

C.HAFNER is committed to actively reducing CO₂ and passionate about protecting the environment through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Using thermal energy

Preserving resources

Effective wastewater treatment and filter technology

Position 5

C.HAFNER is the first refinery with a CO₂-neutral refining process for gold.

Effective CO₂ compensation

CO₂-neutral recycling plant

In the near future: CO₂-neutral company

Position 6

CO₂-neutral secondary gold becomes a raw material for companies that are aware of their responsibility.

1. Recycling secondary gold

2. Secondary gold products

Better environmental balance

Position 7

Modern consumers are focusing more on sustainable products and services.

Modern and sustainable sales argument

CO₂-neutral secondary gold from C.HAFNER