CeHa imPLANT. Implant planning.

CeHa imPLANT is a hardware and software system that uses three-dimensional implant planning to ensure safe and reliable surgery and functional yet aesthetic prosthetics. The system was based on the successful implant planning system from med 3D and C.HAFNER, with the aim of optimising the interface between the dental surgery and laboratory.

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Reliable planning for surgery and prosthetics  

Co-operation between the dentist, radiologist and dental technician results in reliable, highly accurate, precision-fit drill templates that have been based on predefined aesthetics.

Backward Planning 

With CeHa imPLANT, it is possible to make complete and accurate predictions at the planning stage about subsequent aesthetics, the extent of surgery expected, the final prosthetic solution and the probable cost. All steps undergo detailed documentation.

Boost your turnover with prosthetics

Implantology has now become an essential part of dental care, and allows the dentist to offer a high-quality solution which caters for the rising demands of patients in all age brackets in relation to appearance and well-being. CeHa implant paves the way for the dental surgery and lab to safeguard their future existence in a growing market for implants that is characterised by increasingly high-quality prosthetics. A long-term, stable partnership with the surgery is guaranteed by means of a four-stage service concept for the laboratory consisting of aesthetic fitting, CT template, 3D planning preparation and drill template.


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