CeHa White Classic + ceHa White LF dental ceramic

CeHa WHITE is a high-quality dental-glass ceramic line which provides for a natural layer build-up thanks to an innovative mixture of powders. The appropriate shade and correct opalescence and translucency can be replicated in tooth structures with little effort and great reliability.

The CeHa WHITE glass ceramic line features two different products, which both reproduce the natural build-up of the tooth in relation to colour:


CeHa WHITE CLASSIC is designed for veneering conventional bonding alloys with crowns and bridges. The CTE value of the alloys should be between 13.9 – 14.9 µm/mK at 25 – 500°C.


CeHa WHITE LF is suitable for veneering low-fusing, high-expanding bonding alloys. The CTE value of the alloys should be between 15.4 – 17.3 µm/mK at 25 – 500°C.

Close colour match for a natural look

It is not only light reflection and transmission that are fundamental factors for determining shade and transparency: Light refraction and diffusion are also crucial for reproducing the shade of the natural tooth. This is achieved by the uniform distribution of fine leucite crystals as well as the pigments and fluorescent agents added to the product.

Reduced range of powders

Only 36 powders are required for a standard build-up in all shades when using CeHa White. Additional special powders and stains are available for customising the individual shade.

To ensure a sound metal-ceramic system C.HAFNER recommends using CeHa WHITE veneering ceramic in conjunction with the tried and tested C.HAFNER precious metal alloys. 

NEM alloys are veneered with CeHa WHITE within the CTE window, possibly allowing for a temper phase and/or stress-relieving cooling.

The market for NEM alloys is undergoing constant change. The wide range of NEM alloys cannot be adequately tested for their compatibility with CeHa WHITE®. Nor is it possible to take account of any fluctuations in individual batches as this is beyond the control of C. HAFNER.

C.HAFNER can offer no guarantee for the safety or performance of other NEM alloys in the CeHa WHITE ceramic system and in particular accepts no liability for any failure that might result.

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