The new generation of electroforming.

With the successor to the legendary HF Vario Plus equipment series, C.HAFNER is setting new standards in electroforming. The HF 700 impresses with its outstanding functionality and intuitive use. Its aesthetics and ergonomics also testify to the high level of innovative talent that has gone into this product: As the winner of the 2011 iF Design Award, the HF 700 combines technical innovation with top-quality design.

Technical and economic efficiency for everyday work at the lab is the key feature of this new generation of equipment. The fitting and removal of parts during processing results in a flexible, time-saving process and electroforming round the clock. Characterised by the latest standards, the HF 700 also scores points for ease of use. The large touch screen with process-oriented prompting makes the device simple to use. Control functions such as bath protocols can easily be executed at any time. The modern, ergonomically optimised design stands out thanks to its clean lines and makes the work process transparent. Finishes are dirt-repellent and will give the lab a touch of style.

Precision, economic efficiency and aesthetics 
rolled into one – HF 700® 

  • Fitting and removal of parts during processing
  • Tried and tested replenishing process: spent electroforming gold is automatically added to the electrolyte from separate concentrate. “Depletion” of the electrolyte can be ruled out, which means that the optimum quality of the electroformed structure is ensured.
  • Simplified, absolutely accurate accounting based on the chip data stored for every electroforming process (chip card is returned with spent electrolyte and read out).

Benefits / Facts  

  • Display of exact weight of the electroformed part at the end of the process
  • Automatic registration of every electroforming operation on a chip card
  • Single-position control
  • Status of electroforming process visible at all times
  • Display of quantity of gold still available
  • Individually selectable layer thickness for every workpiece
  • Variable deposition times using standard or economy mode (2 speeds)
  • Reduced bath volume (3 l instead of 4.5 l) / reduced gold content
  • No fiddly measuring or weighing of baths or additives
  • Pre-insulated continuous electrodes – no shrink-fitting of plastic tubing
  • No deposition of remaining gold in the spent baths
  • Simple replacement of electrodes using Allen head screw
  • Removal of individual slot positions via separate covered openings

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