Precious metal milling – the cost-effective solution

for every laboratory.

cehaGOLD is an innovative service that combines tried and tested materials with state-of-the-art technology. As a gold and silver refinery and centre of excellence for precious metals, C.HAFNER rounds off the materials offered by dental laboratories with precious metal frameworks fabricated using pioneering CAD/CAM technology – offering a fast and efficient solution without the need for costly warehousing.

Cost-effective manufacturing

With the integration of the precious metal into the digital manufacturing process, it is no longer necessary to have two different manufacturing processes (casting and digital manufacturing) available in the lab.
The cost-intensive pre-financing and storage of precious metals can also be dispensed with.

Best possible material quality

The already high material quality of precious metals is improved even further by the special processes used in the industrial manufacturing of the milling blanks. This means that shrink holes, pores and impurities are a thing of the past. A perfect crystalline structure makes materials easier to finish in the lab, whether they are veneered with ceramic or polished.

Save up to 30 % on materials

Digital modelling using a CAD system produces uniformly thin walls, giving a reduction in the overall weight of a finished restoration of 30% compared with cast structures. A milled unit weighs on average only about 2g.

Easily make complex structures

Milling overcomes the difficulties associated with fabricating complex items such as long-span bridges or telescopic restorations.  Milled structures also give a perfect fit and are largely unstressed.

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