Precious metal of the highest quality.

Over 160 years of experience in the development and processing of precious metal forms the basis for dental materials of outstanding quality. Production of the alloy, manufacture of the blanks using the continuous casting technique and the recycling of chips all take place under one roof. This ensures a high level of economic efficiency and allows us to offer milling at fair market prices.

Continuous casting

The industrial standard for the manufacture of blanks means we can guarantee top quality for our frameworks – and above all, quality that does not vary. Blanks made by C.HAFNER are characterised by the following properties:

  • Optimum microstructure thanks to a continuous production process
  • Reproducible material properties
  • Proven quality
  • Homogeneous, fine-grained, shrinkage- and pore-free
  • Free from inclusions and foreign materials (investment material)
  • Stress-free

Materials testing

The high quality of C.HAFNER blanks is ensured by careful and constant testing. The following tests are constantly carried out:

  • Physical-mechanical properties
  • Macroscopic testing of ground specimens and microscopy
  • Metallographic testing
  • Chemical analysis of composition

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