From virtuality to reality

At C.HAFNER, the CAM Order Management department is responsible for dealing with all design data supplied by the laboratory, allocating the correct blanks and initiating calculation of the toolpaths. The resulting NC files are then transmitted automatically to the milling machine – the virtual design gives rise to a real framework.

Software and milling strategies

The fabrication process is carried out with the Hyperdent CAM software from the market leader Open Mind. The milling strategies specially developed by C.HAFNER for precious metal have been optimised for each alloy. They permit the creation of extremely fine surface structures and reproduction of the tiniest anatomical details.

Design data

C.HAFNER uses STL data from open scan systems or CAD software. To ensure absolute accuracy of fit, C.HAFNER supplies optimised settings for the dental lab’s CAD program based on the indication and material. The data delivered by the laboratory is transmitted by the “Zahnomat” tool or via e-mail.

Milling technology*

cehaGOLD frameworks are cut from solid blanks of precious metal using state-of-the art 6-axis milling machines. Careful adaptation of the milling strategies to the different precious metal alloys and indications guarantees an accurate fit as well as top quality. The final step is a quality inspection, followed by dispatch to the dental laboratory.

*C.HAFNER uses the system technology of Millhouse GmbH.


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