Total Quality System.
Single casting of precious metal alloys.

Precious metal alloys are generally cast several times. But only one-off casting ensures that dental alloys will retain their original characteristics, which are warranted by the manufacturer and validated by the CE mark. What’s more, tracing of an alloy back to the production process is only possible with single casting (batch traceability – an objective of the German Medical Devices Act – MPG).

To ensure such high quality, C.HAFNER has introduced the TQS System (Total Quality System), which provides for the traceability of dental alloys. This system guarantees maximum safety for everyone involved – for the dentist, the dental technician and the patient.

Quality benefit

  • No introduction of contamination
  • Uniform casting results
  • Even fusing of the alloy

Safety benefit

  • 100% batch traceability
  • No confusion or mix-up between alloys
  • No risk of contamination

Benefits for the dentist

  • Uniform quality and 100% batch traceability
  • Protection from materials-related compensation claims

Benefits for the laboratory

  • With the TQS System there is only a single order, delivery and bill per month to be processed.
  • All alloys are available in the TQS System in sufficient quantities. Time-consuming crushing of cones is not required.

Benefits for the patient

  • Flawless, high-quality dental treatment

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