MK3 dispensing device

The MK3 is a practical, extremely reliable manual dispensing device for solder pastes and other non-flowable pastes. Although the MK3 is designed for use by goldsmiths, it is also suitable for small-scale series production, for testing or for other applications involving solder pastes or other products in paste form.

Available as:

  • Kit containing MK3, silver solder paste and needles
  • On its own, without accessories


  • Simple to use, low weight, practical application
  • Suitable for 3cc standard cartridges containing max. 10g solder paste
  • For standard needles with inner diameters of between 0.25 mm and 1.2 mm
  • Low cost

Performus V Dispenser

The versatile and easy-to-use PERFORMUS V dispenser produces consistent deposits whether it is used for brazing pastes or low viscosity fluids.  The unique "Teach" function lets the operator establish deposit size, then stores time required for automatic repeat deposits.  The rugged construction of the PERFORMUS V dispenser insures trouble-free long-life operation.

Other dispensers on request.


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