Turned and milled parts

The CNC Production department at C.HAFNER is equipped with state-of-the-art lathes and milling machines. It is responsible for developing and manufacturing turned and milled parts in accordance with stringent quality standards for all standard precious metal alloys. These are based on CAD designs and CAM technology as well as manual drawings. C.HAFNER produces precision parts from precious metals for various markets in the jewellery and watch-making sector, involving standard products and unique pieces for demanding industrial applications.

In comparison with conventional processing methods, CNC-turned and milled parts not only offer greater dimensional accuracy, but also better quality in terms of surfaces and materials. The use of machined parts/blanks and the associated controlled production processes means that the material undergoes no further change whatsoever during CNC machining. Material quality and batch integrity can be documented in detail by the manufacturer and so traced back.

C.HAFNER’s CNC Production department can deliver flawless workpieces at short notice. Our company offers top quality and a fast and reliable service thanks to the use of the latest technology combined with the expertise of our highly qualified staff.


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Precious Metal Products Catalogue

General catalogue of complete C.HAFNER product line and stock range.



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