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Old gold “Classic & Design” campaign

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Old gold “CLASSIC” campaign

With its old gold “CLASSIC” campaign, which was launched in 2009 and has proved a hit throughout Germany, C.HAFNER has boosted sales in the traditional business of buying and selling old gold. The aim of this campaign is to promote the purchase and trade-in of old gold by jewellers in high-end markets using combinations of various advertising media.

Old gold of any kind

Advertising message and service offered:
Purchase (against cash) or trade-in when new products are purchased


  • Communication on the topic of old gold with high-end appeal
  • Encourages customers to purchase new jewellery
  • Appeal to target groups with greater buying power
  • Boost footfall with competitions

C.HAFNER competition with a prize of € 500

Encourages customers to purchase jewellery  

Experienced purchasers know: Old gold is not just of interest to customers who are short of cash and are given a breathing space by obtaining funds here. Many well-to-do customers are in possession of old-fashioned pieces of jewellery which no longer hold any sentimental value, and would like to turn them into more contemporary items. This is where the campaign comes into play, encouraging such people to opt for something new. The price of the new piece of jewellery is significantly reduced depending on the value of the old gold, so creating an additional sales argument to win over the customer.

Crossmedia advertising instruments

With customisable advertisements and posters, city lights or mailings, the campaign includes a wide range of advertising media to cater for the individual objectives of the jeweller. Well-established retailers with a large number of regular customers frequently use mailshots sent out by post to awaken the interest of existing customers in old gold. Firms that have not been in business as long use advertisements, flyers and postcards to raise their profile and generate new leads.


Pavement stand

Weatherproof pavement stand with two DIN A1 posters.


DIN A6 postcards and postcard display stand 

Postcards with space for retailer’s name/address (e.g. for postcard holder on pavement stand)


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