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Old gold “Classic & Design” campaign

"Green" and efficient. The C.HAFNER recycling process.

For all types of precious metal waste, sweepings and filings.



Old gold "PURCHASER" campaign

With the new “PURCHASER” campaign, C.HAFNER is adding a further variation to its successful marketing services in the area of old gold. This campaign is aimed at purchasers and provides them with an effective way of presenting themselves as competent partners in matters of old gold purchasing.

Old gold of any kind

Advertising message and service offered:
Purchase (for cash)

Trust leads to turnover

When trading in old gold, trust and seriousness are the fundamental requirements for establishing a business relationship. For when it comes to converting old items of jewellery or other valuables into cash, customers often have to overcome their inhibitions – irrespective of whether financial or other reasons have led them to sell their precious items. In order to overcome this emotional barrier, C.HAFNER supplies advertising media which present the topic of “old gold” in a motivating, serious and appealing manner.

Advertising with style 

In order to make advertising effective, C.HAFNER provides purchasers of old gold with a number of marketing instruments that can be combined in various ways. The advertising kit consists of a pavement stand with posters, which can be used as a customer stopper outside the store. In addition, promotional postcards and personalised displays ensure that the message reaches a wide target group and that your name is associated with the topic of “old gold purchasing”.


STARTER KIT* with pavement stand

Weatherproof pavement stand with two DIN A1 posters, postcard holders containing 100 postcards, counter display with 50 publicity flyers (entry forms), mailing postcard.


DIN A6 postcards and postcard display stand

Postcards with space for retailer’s name/address (e.g. for postcard holder on pavement stand)


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