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"Green" and efficient. The C.HAFNER recycling process.

For all types of precious metal waste, sweepings and filings.



Refinery scrap and sweepings

Refinery scrap

The term “refinery scrap” is used to describe waste materials containing precious metal that are homogenised when melted down. This includes:

  • Scrap gold and filings
  • Scissels from punching
  • Scrap metal from casting
  • Old gold from purchasing centres
  • Dental gold
  • Old stock

These metals are purchased and reprocessed:

  • Old gold
  • Old silver
  • Broken gold
  • Dental gold


The term “sweepings” is used to describe waste materials containing precious metal which are mixed with organic waste that cannot be melted down, i.e. materials that are impure. Sweepings are first of all separated into customer batches and subjected to heat treatment in an incinerator until no combustible substances are left. The ash produced during this process is then ground and homogenised through mixing. Sweepings include:

  • Waste from polishing
  • Floor sweepings
  • Sludge
  • Filter dust

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