International zertifiziert

C.HAFNER erhält den LBMA Good Delivery Status als international zertifizierter Aufarbeiter und Hersteller von Goldbarren.


Precious Metal Trading

In many regards, C.HAFNER Precious Metal Trading forms the backbone of our range of products and services. From traditional buying and selling of precious metal and management of the precious metal accounts of our customers to trading in precious metal bullion, we offer advice about all aspects of the product and the “currency of precious metal”. We supply relevant information about the latest prices and price trends and satisfy all prerequisites and options for intelligent and efficient management of precious metal.



You are in possession of precious metal in any form? We will buy your precious metal at the current rates. We trade:

  • Fine gold (Au)
  • Fine platinum (Pt)
  • Fine palladium (Pd)
  • Fine silver (Ag)

Our direct access to Reuters-Realtime means that we constantly have an eye on the latest developments in the precious metal markets and will therefore offer you top rates!

Price fixing

With fixing we offer you the opportunity of selling any quantity of fine gold (minimum 100g) at the current daily price. C.HAFNER will confirm fixing of this price in writing. As soon as the fine gold is credited to your precious metal account with us, we will pay for the fixed quantity at the agreed rate via express transfer!

Forward sales

With one or more forward sales you have 100% certainty for calculation of your precious metal costs in the period of time you specify. We offer forward sales on a weekly or monthly basis. This is based on the exercise price on the dealing date of the transaction, with relevant discounts or premiums being applied depending on the term. 

Limit orders

You haven’t the time to constantly watch key prices for precious metal? Take advantage of the C.HAFNER Precious Metal Trading service and place limit orders for the quantity you require at the price and period of time you specify.

Precious metal accounts

A precious metal account at C.HAFNER offers you numerous benefits when purchasing or selling your precious metal. It provides the basis for accounting of your refining material, i.e. after processing of the refining material, the recovered metals are then credited to this account. This account is additionally available for precious metal transfers in non-physical form. You can dispose freely of the credit balance of your account, arranging for sale, transfer or delivery by our company. Alternatively, you have the convenience of using this precious metal account to buy semi-finished products from C.HAFNER’s wide selection.


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