You can use the C.HAFNER online portal to easily and conveniently place collection orders or order semi-finished products such as sheet metal, wire, pipe and casting alloys as well as ring blanks. Please note that this offer is only available to business customers.

The precious metal semi-finished product configurator by C.HAFNER

Our high-quality preliminary and semi-finished products have always been appreciated by the industry and many precious metals processors.

With the alloy calculator, semi-finished products such as sheet metal, wire, pipe and casting alloys can be configured and ordered directly.

Coloured gold, white gold, palladium, platinum or silver – by specifying the alloy denomination, dimensions and quantity, you can conveniently configure your products based on the current market price for precious metals.

Collection order for refinery scrap

C.HAFNER's collection service from is the fastest and most convenient way to liquidate your refinery scrap or sweepings by either converting the the collected materials into a cash value or storing the documented precious metal weight in an account for future prospects.

Customers retain the flexibility to specify dates and locations within Germany for the collection of their refinery scrap and/or sweepings. Additionally, all recycling material will be insured, and containers will be provides free of charge for transport purposes only if required.

Precious metal recycling.
Fast. Secure. Transparent.

Try the precious metal recycling of C.HAFNER now and experience our reliable and straightforward processes first-hand.

Order pick-up

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