Markets & Industries

Precious metal products and complex customised developments from C.HAFNER can be found in a wide range of everyday items. From dentistry through to jewellery and watch-making, musical instruments, collectors’ and investment coins, and connectors plated with precious metal for the automobile industry – products and technologies from C.HAFNER are doing sterling service in many products, often entirely unnoticed by the user.

Measuring & test equipment

Sensor heads and electrode pins are used in the food, chemicals and petrochemicals industries. C.HAFNER CNC Technology produces high-quality precision parts, mostly made of platinum group metals and their alloys as well as fine silver.

Electrical engineering

Electrical conductivity is optimised by materials and surface finishes made of precious metal. C.HAFNER develops and produces Pd-based alloys and Ag/Pd alloys for products such as wire and slipring assemblies. Electroplated coatings are also used in electrical engineering applications.

Musical instruments

Brilliant surfaces in a variety of colours and the acoustic resonance of various precious metal frequently play a role when it comes to musical instruments. C.HAFNER develops and produces high-quality surfaces as well as individual semi-finished parts in customer-specific alloys.

Trading in old gold

Whether jewellery, dental gold or other items containing precious metal: whenever old gold is to be turned into cash, buyers and refineries find themselves in demand. Purchasers and jewellers throughout Europe turn to C.HAFNER whenever precious metal are to undergo environmentally compatible reprocessing.

Coin manufacture

Even in the age of the credit card, coins still play a vital role. With collectors’ and investment coins, it is above all their appearance that is key. C.HAFNER upgrades such coins with a wide range of alloys using manual and automated processes.

Luxury goods

The range of luxury goods on the market today is greater than ever before. So components and finishes made of precious metals are in demand all over the globe – for everything from classic jewellery and watches through to lifestyle accessories and one-off luxury items, C.HAFNER produces quality products for well-known companies in the Luxury sector.

Medical engineering

As a manufacturer of medical devices certified to DIN/ISO 13485, C.HAFNER has many years of experience in medical engineering. Here, we make use of PGMs and their alloys as well as gold-based alloys for ultrafine wire and implant abutments.

Dental technology

At C.HAFNER, dental technology revolves around precious metal. We develop and produce high-grade alloys, mill CAD/CAM-based frameworks and offer solutions and technologies for electroforming and implantology to laboratories and dental surgeries.

Jewellery and watch-making

Typical applications at C.HAFNER include jewellery and watch-making. As a leading manufacturer of products made of precious metal, we supply high-quality materials, semi-finished parts/products, casting materials, as well as turned and milled parts made of precious metal alloys.

Writing utensils

Many exclusive writing utensils stand not only for flawless craftsmanship, but also for state-of-the-art precision engineering. Perfect functioning and exquisite styling are ensured by filigree turned and milled parts, and in particular by high-grade electroplated coatings with precious metal.

Precision engineering

Precision parts made of precious metal can be found in a wide range of applications and markets. C.HAFNER uses modern CDC technology to manufacture one-off pieces and standard products for the jewellery and watch-making sectors, as well as for challenging industrial applications.

Goldsmiths and jewellers

Semi-finished products made of precious metal form the basis for every piece of jewellery. C.HAFNER supplies goldsmiths and jewellers with high-grade sheets, wire and tubes, in addition to semi-finished parts such as blanks for rings, loops, settings and creoles. Unique: Creative semi-finished parts from C.HAFNER.


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