Precious Metal Technology

The name C.HAFNER has stood for innovative, trendsetting technologies in the precious metals sector for over 160 years. C.HAFNER owes its strong focus on technologies and solutions to state-of-the-art recycling of precious metal, innovative processing and surface technology, materials expertise, active R&D, and above all know-how in a wide range of business sectors and applications.

Materials expertise

Success in precious metal technology largely depends on in-depth knowledge of the properties of these materials. The processing of gold, platinum, palladium, silver and other precious metal calls for extensive experience in metallurgy, physics and chemistry. Here, C.HAFNER not only has 160 years of fundamental know-how at its disposal, but also modern knowledge management which allows the company to channel its specialist skills into specific applications and projects.

The company’s materials expertise stands for:

  • Modern production, machinery and systems
  • Skilled, experienced engineers and technicians working in Production, Development, Laboratories and Applications Technology
  • High-performance metallography and standard techniques for mechanical materials testing
  • Use of thermal analysis, dilatometers and extensive corrosion testing
  • Scanning electron microscopy and EDX analysis for professional materials development and failure analysis

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