Precious metal powder technology and applications

C.HAFNER is breaking new ground in precious metal technology with its powder technology. Owing to in-depth research and partnerships with leading companies in powder production and processing, C.HAFNER today has a high level of expertise in the production of premium-quality precious metal powder.

Preparation of precious metal powders

C.HAFNER’s ultra-modern and precise powder atomisation system is integrated into a peripheral facility which is designed for powder metallurgical processes, making it possible to guarantee fine spherical precious metal powder in each respective classification. These preconditions guarantee consistent quality of the precious metal powders and are a unique selling point of C.HAFNER.


  • Fine powder (approx. 1 - 100 μm)
  • Spherical powder particles
  • High purity
  • Excellent flowability, consistently hygroscopic
  • Atomisation of gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys up to 2,300°C
  • Robust powder, easy handling, minimal oxygen consumption during processing, high reusability
  • High strength and ductility of powder metallurgical applications, isotropic material behaviour
  • Extremely fine-grained microstructure in 3D metal printing

Powder applications

Fine spherical precious metal powders are the basic requirement for a wide variety of applications and innovative processes such as additive manufacturing (3D printing), MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) and solder powder.

Additive manufacturing – LMF laser metal fusion (3D metal printing)

C.HAFNER precious metal powders – especially the proven PlatinGold alloy – are particularly suitable for additive manufacturing and have been specially qualified for LMF technology.

For jewellery and watch applications, process parameters were specifically developed for the additive production of precious metal powders with 3D metal printers from Trumpf. The three central process components – the plant (machine expertise), the precious metal powders (powder expertise) and the specific parameters (process parameters) – are perfectly coordinated with each other. This creates a system competence that makes it possible to realise a generative production method for small industrial series.

Hybrid production using LMF and CNC

Workpieces printed in the powder bed are predestined for CNC post-processing. The prerequisite is a fine microstructure as achieved in the LMF process.

Metal powder injection moulding (MIM)

C.HAFNER also develops and produces high-quality precious metal powder with the following properties for use in metal powder injection moulding (MIM):

  • Reproducible manufacturing of "Near-net shapes" in large series
  • High material yield, low recycling costs
  • Processing of hard-to-process alloys of platinum group metals

Solder pastes

Components manufactured using the MIM process can be optimally processed using our HILDERBRAND solder pastes, which are specially tailored to all precious metal powders.

Solder pastes

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