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Dental Technology

At C. HAFNER, dental technology revolves around the high-performance material precious metal. We develop and produce high-grade dental alloys, mill CAD/CAM-based frameworks from precious metals and offer laboratories and dental surgeries solutions and technologies for electroforming.



C.HAFNER has been working successfully for many years in close partnerships with dental technicians, dentists and dental associations from all over Germany. Novel products in the field of dental technology, innovations or services can be optimally adapted to the needs of partners and patients for the best possible results.

Some of our partners are:

  • VDDI (Verbandes der Deutschen Dental-Industrie e.V. (Association of German Dental Manufacturers))
  • FZT (Fachgesellschaft für Zahntechnik e.V. (Society for Dental Technology))
  • ADT (Arbeitsgemeinschaft dentale Technologie e.V. (Dental technology working group))
  • VdMZ (Verein der ehemaligen Meisterschüler, Freunde und Förderer der Bundesfachschule für Zahntechnik Stuttgart e.V. (Association of former master students, friends and sponsors of the Federal College of Dental Technology Stuttgart))


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Precious metal dental technology

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