Precious metal powder

C.HAFNER develops and produces fine spherical powders, which are especially suitable for use in 3D metal printing for industrial series production. They are characterised by high purity, excellent flowability, easy handling and a very fine-grained microstructure in 3D metal printing. Typical areas of application are jewellery and watches, technical or medical applications. Powders can be classified according to requirements.

Furthermore, C.HAFNER stands for system competence. With specific process parameters for additive manufacturing with 3D metal printers from Trumpf and Sisma, C.HAFNER precious metal powders ensure maximum production quality.

Precious metal powder alloy portfolio

(Particle sizes on request):

Jewellery alloys

whitePt951 PT P1 PMPlatinGold ®
 Pd/RH500 RH P2Palladin Royal ®
 Au751 WG P1 PMWhite gold with 150 ‰ Pd
 Au751 WG P2 PMWhite gold with 130 ‰ Pd
yellowAu751 GG P5 PMYellow gold
roseAu751 RS P5 PMRose gold
redAu751 RT P5 PMRed gold

Technical/medical alloys

 Pt800 PT P1 PMPlatinum with 200 ‰ Ir
 Pt900 PT P1 PMPlatinum with 100 ‰ Ir

For specific requirements, individual alloys can also be manufactured and classified.

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