Solders and solder pastes for jewellery, watches and decorative applications

Soldering is one of the most important techniques used by goldsmiths when creating a permanent connection between individual parts of a piece of jewellery. C.HAFNER offers a wide range of coloured gold, white gold, platinum, palladium and silver solders for a wide variety of applications. The most important details of our sheet and wire solders can be found in the following table.

In addition, solder pastes complement the C.HAFNER precious metal products. HILDERBRAND solder pastes are a homogeneous mixture of solder powder, a binder and – depending on the application – a flux. The pastes are characterised by their outstanding quality, swift, precise application and exact dosability in conjunction with low solder consumption levels. They are available in all standard finenesses and colours as well as in many different working temperatures.



FinenessOrder No.ColourAT °CMelting range °CCompositionDeliveryformDensity g/cm3
333/-2400yellow750720-735Au: 333, Ag: 330, Cu: 210, Zn: 127Sheet*, Wire11,1
333/-2420yellow730680-710Au: 333, Ag: 280, Cu: 177, Zn: 210Sheet*, Wire10,9
333/-2410yellow725690-715Au: 333, Ag: 300, Cu: 180, Zn: 187Sheet*, Wire10,9
375/-2250yellow750735-760Au: 375, Ag: 330, Cu: 205, Zn: 90Sheet*, Wire11,6
375/-2260yellow750730-745Au: 375, Ag: 330, Cu: 185, Zn: 110Sheet*, Wire11,6
375/-2270yellow690675-690Au: 375, Ag: 300, Cu: 115, Zn: 210Sheet*, Wire11,3
585/-2430yellow815780-800Au: 585, Ag: 170, Cu: 170, Zn: 75Sheet*, Wire13,5
585/-2440yellow775740-765Au: 585, Ag: 150, Cu: 140, Zn: 125Sheet*, Wire13,3
585/-2450yellow740690-720Au: 585, Ag: 110, Cu: 120, Zn: 185Sheet*, Wire13,2
750/-2460yellow815785-810Au: 750, Ag: 75, Cu: 95, Zn: 80Sheet*, Wire15,4
750/-2470yellow790750-770Au: 750, Ag: 60, Cu: 80, Zn: 110Sheet*, Wire15,3
750/-2480yellow740705-740Au: 750, Ag: 110, Cu: 20, Zn: 120Sheet*, Wire14,7
750/-1090red880825-875Au: 750, Cu: 220, Zn: 10, Ga: 20Sheet*15,2
750/-1100red800690-790Au: 750, Cu: 180.5, Zn: 20. Ga: 49.5Sheet*, Wire14,6
912/-23021yellow915840-910Au: 917, Ag: 22, Cu: 28, Zn: 20, Ga: 13Sheet*17,6
912/-23022yellow870780-860Au: 917, Ag: 19, Cu: 19, Zn: 20, Ga: 25Sheet*17,3
FinenessOrder No.ColourAT °CMelting range °CCompositionDeliveryformDensity g/cm3
585/-15530white815750-815Au: 585, Ag: 315, Zn: 100Sheet*13,5
585/-15450**white770720-735Au: 585, Ag: 195, Ni: 80, Zn: 140Sheet*13
585/-15500**white740690-730Au: 585, Ag: 165, Cu: 80, Zn: 170Sheet*12,8
830/-15650**white895845-870Au: 830, Ni: 100, Zn: 70Sheet*, Wire17,2
800/-15800**white880860-885Au: 800, Cu: 30, Ni: 100, Zn: 70Sheet*16,3
750/-15720white800725-790Au: 750, Ag: 150, Zn: 100Sheet*, Wire14,9
FinenessOrder No.ColourAT °CMelting range °CCompositionDeliveryformDensity g/cm3

Au: 700, Ag: 175, Pd: 95, Cu: 5, Sn: 10, Zn: 15

 16720white950870-940Au: 898, Cu: 45, Pd: 46, Pt: 80, Zn: 11Sheet*10,4
 16740**white740690-730Au: 585, Ag: 165, Ni: 80, Zn: 170Wire*12,8
FinenessOrder No.ColourAT °CMelting range °CCompositionDeliveryformDensity g/cm3
 16620white12351170-1230Au: 527, Ag: 315, Cu: 3, Pd: 155Sheet*14,2
 16630white10801005-1055Au: 395, Ag: 447, Cu: 31, Pd: 43, Pt: 80, Zn: 4Sheet*13,4
 16640white950870-940Ag: 898, Cu: 45, Pd: 46, Zn: 11Sheet*10,4
 16665white12501210-1280Au: 100, Ag: 523, Pd: 300, Pt: 50, In: 27Sheet*11,6
FinenessOrder No.ColourAT °CMelting range °CCompositionDeliveryformDensity g/cm3
 40000white790760-780Ag: 750, Cu: 230, Zn: 20 (Emailot)Sheet*, Wire*10,0
 40185white760730-750Ag: 740, Cu: 196, Zn: 64Sheet*, Wire*9,8
 40010white740680-725Ag: 700, Cu: 140, Zn: 160Sheet*, Wire*9,6
 40175white740710-735Ag: 670, Cu: 231, Zn: 99Sheet*, Wire*9,7
 40130white650620-650Ag: 560, Cu: 220, Zn: 170, Sn: 50Sheet*, Wire*9,4


Solder pastes

18K Gold Brazing Alloys

DesignationAu ‰ColourWorking temp.PdNiApplication
CF 18KYH751yellow840°C-NoBrazing 18 carat yellow gold
CF 18KYMH751yellow800°C-NoBrazing 18 carat yellow gold
CF 18KYM751yellow763°C-NoBrazing 18 carat yellow gold
CF 18KYS751yellow735°C-NoBrazing 18 carat yellow gold
CF 18K3NX2751yellow720°C-NoBrazing 18 carat yellow gold
CF 18KYES6751yellow670°C-NoBrazing 18 carat yellow gold
CF 18KYES2751yellow630°C-NoBrazing 18 carat yellow gold
CNF 18KWH751white870°CYesNoBrazing 18 carat white gold
CNF 18KWM751white820°CYesNoBrazing 18 carat white gold
CNF 18KWS2751white770°CYesNoBrazing 18 carat white gold
CNF 18KWES751white750°C-NoBrazing 18 carat white gold
CF 18KRH2751red820°C-NoBrazing 18 carat red gold
CF 18KRM2751red790°C-NoBrazing 18 carat red gold
CF 18KPM751rose770°C-NoBrazing 18 carat rose gold
CF 18KPS751rose710°C-NoBrazing 18 carat rose gold

14K Gold Brazing Alloys

DesignationAu ‰ColourWorking temp.PdNiApplication
CF 14KYH585yellow785°C-NoBrazing 14 carat yellow gold
CF 14KYM585yellow760°C-NoBrazing 14 carat yellow gold
CF 14KYS585yellow720°C-NoBrazing 14 carat yellow gold
CF 14YES585yellow630°C-NoBrazing 14 carat yellow gold
CF 14YES4585yellow610°C-NoBrazing 14 carat yellow gold
CNF 14KWH585white810°CYesNo14 carat white gold
CNF 14KWM585white770°CYesNo14 carat white gold
CNF 14KWS585white730°C-No14 carat white gold
CF 14KRH585red780°C-NoBrazing 14 carat red gold
CF 14KPS585rose730°C-NoBrazing 14 carat rose gold

9K Gold Brazing Alloys

DesignationAu ‰ColourWorking temp.PdNiApplication
CF 9KYH375yellow742°C-NoBrazing 9 carat yellow gold
CF 9KYH375yellow720°C-NoBrazing 9 carat yellow gold
CF 9KYS375yellow700°C-NoBrazing 9 carat yellow gold
CF 9KYES2375yellow680°C-NoBrazing 9 carat yellow gold
CF 9KXS375whitish550°C-NoBrazing 9 carat white gold
CF 9KWS375white710°C-NoBrazing 9 carat white gold
CNF 9KWES375white650°C-NoBrazing 9 carat white gold
CF 9KPS375rose770°C-NoBrazing 9 carat rose gold

Other Gold Brazing Alloys

DesignationAu ‰ColourWorking temp.PdNiApplication
CF 12KYS500yellow755°C-NoBrazing 12 carat yellow gold
CF 12KYES500yellow715°C-NoBrazing 12 carat yellow gold
CF 10KYS416yellow690°C-NoBrazing 12 carat yellow gold
CF 10KWS416white735°C-YesBrazing 10 carat white gold, gold-stainless steel
CNF 10KWES416white630°C-NoBrazing 10 carat white gold, gold-stainless steel
CF 10KPS416rose760°C-NoBrazing 10 carat rose gold
CF 8KYS333yellow695°C-NoBrazing 8 carat yellow gold
CNF 950950yellow750°C-NoBrazing 24 carat gold
CF 22KYES916yellow810°C-NoBrazing 22 carat yellow gold
CF 21KYS875yellow770°C-NoBrazing 21 carat yellow gold
CF 19.2KPS800rose760°C-NoBrazing 19.2 carat rose gold
CF 800800white280°C-NoBrazing at low temperature
DesignationAu ‰ColourWorking temp.PdNiApplication
CF PDSN/Awhite1000°CYesNoBrazing of platinum
CF PTMN/Awhite920°CYesNoBrazing of platinum
CF PTSN/Awhite880°CYesNoBrazing of platinum
DesignationCompositionWorking temp.Application
CF 75Ag-Cu-Zn770°CSilver 925/1000
CF 72Ag-Cu775°CVacuum brazing, vacuum components
CF 72 TiAg-Cu-Ti900°CTitanium
CF 70Ag-Cu-Zn730°CSilver 925/1000
CF 67Ag-Cu-Zn680°CSilver 925/1000
CF 67ATAg-Cu-Zn680°CSilver 925/1000 anti-tarnishing
CF 65Ag-Cu-Zn690°CSilver 925/1000
CF 65-2Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn640°CSilver 925/1000, low melting temperature
CF 60-1Ag-Cu-Sn720°CFood industry equipment, silver 800/1000
CF 56-2Ag-Cu-Ni895°CStainless steel (for furnace brazing)
CF 56-4Ag-Cu-Ni-In720°CStainless steel, copper and nickel alloys
CF 56Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn650°CMultipurpose brazing alloy, excellent fluidity, silver 800/1000
CF 54Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn630°CMultipurpose brazing alloy, very low working temperature
CF 50-2Ag-Cu-Zn-Ni680°CHigh mechanical strength. steel, copper alloys
CF 49-4Ag-Cu-Zn-Ni-Mn670°CTungsten carbide inserts
CCF 45Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn640°CSteel, copper alloys, electrical contacts
CF 42Ag-Cu-Sn570°CVery low working temperature, limited mechanical strength
CF 40Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn690°CLow working temperature, very high fluidity
CF 25Ag-Cu-Zn-Sn760°CIron, copper and nickel alloys
CF 20Ag-Cu-Zn-Si810°CCopper alloys, steel (bronze colour)
CF 5Ag-Cu-Zn870°CSteel (brass colour)
DesignationCompositionWorking temp.Application
CF PD100Pd-Ag-Cu850°CStainless steel
CF PDPd-Ag-Cu900°CStainless steel
CF PDXTPd-Ag-Cu950°CStainless steel, good corrosion resistance
CF PDXT2Pd-Ag-Cu970°CStainless steel, very good corrosion resistance
CF PDAGPd-Ag-Ga880°CTitanium


DesignationCompositionWorking temp.Application
CF CuCu1083°CSteel
CF CuMn3Cu-Mn-Ni1000°CTungsten carbides to steel
CF 6-1Ag-Cu-P705°CCopper and nickel alloys, eyeglass industry
CF 0-6Cu-P-Sn700°CCopper and nickel alloys, eyeglass industry


DesignationCompositionWorking temp.Application
CF 16HNi-Cr-P890°CStainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance, high fluidity (for well fitting joints), very hard, brittle
CF 18HNi-Cr-Si-Fe-B1000°CStainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance, high fluidity (for well fitting joints), very hard, brittle
CF 5HNi-Cr-P950°CStainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance, high fluidity (for well fitting joints), very hard, brittle


DesignationCompositionWorking temp.Application
CF 96-40Sn-Ag221°CLow temperature soldering

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