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Milling centre

The digital process chain is also available for restoring precious metals. The procedure fits seamlessly into already existing digital processes within the practice and laboratory. After an intraoral or model scan, transferring the design data in the open *.stl format to our digital production centre is quick and easy. Here, the designed items are made from precious metal alloys using the milling or SLM process and shipped to the client within two working days. The time-consuming production of the frameworks in the company’s own factory is no longer necessary, nor is the cost-intensive storage of precious metals.

Digital manufacturing – the cost-effective solution for every laboratory

Cost-effective production


Cost-effective production

Integrating the precious metal into the digital manufacturing process eliminates the need to maintain two different manufacturing processes (casting and digital manufacturing) in the laboratory. There is no need for expensive pre-financing and warehousing of precious metals.

Perfect material quality


Perfect material quality

The material quality of precious metals, which is already very high, is further improved by processing precious metal in a digital process. The already very high material quality of precious metals is further improved by the industrial production of milling blanks with special processes, making cavities, pores or impurities a thing of the past. A perfect microstructure facilitates further processing in the laboratory whether through ceramic veneering or polishing.

Material savings of up to 30%


Material savings of up to 30%

Digital CAD design with evenly thin wall thicknesses allows for a reduction in the weight of finished pieces by up to 30% over cast structures. A milled unit weighs on average only 2 grams.

Simple realisation of complex structures


Simple realisation of complex structures

3D printing technology also makes complex framework constructions and geometries easy to produce (e.g. undercuts, very delicate parts). The result: optimum fitting accuracy and perfect microstructure.

Milling technology

cehaGOLD frameworks are cut from solid blanks of precious metals using state-of-the-art 6-axis milling machines. Careful adaptation of the milling strategies to the different precious metal alloys and indications guarantees an accurate fit as well as outstandig quality. The final step is a quality inspection followed by dispatch to the dental laboratory.




Innovative digital offers cater for all applications of prosthetic treatment*. Six tried and tested high-grade precious metals alloys are used for production.

* Component height is max. 15 mm. This may be exceeded in special cases.

anatomical, partially or fully veneered
all spans (anatomical, partially or fully veneered)
Primary parts/ secondary parts

Additive manufacturing

3D printing technology of the highest level

3D printing technology opens up a new world of digital processing of dental structures, meaning it perfectly complements precious metal milling service technology. The precious metal frameworks are printed with modern machines using the Laser Metal Fusion process (LMF), which guarantees optimum fitting accuracy, structure, and surface finish in the highest quality. The 3D printing process is one of the most sustainable manufacturing processes thanks to the resource-saving use of materials.

All powder batches from the state-of-the-art powder atomisation factory are subject to strict quality inspections before they are used in 3D printing.


Orplid CF printed

  • High noble gold alloy for low-melting, high-expansion ceramics
  • free of copper and highly suitable for additive manufacturing due to its absorption and reflection behaviour
  • Type 4 / multi-indicative and approved for all spans

Digital manufacturing in non-precious metals, ceramics and plastics

The fully digital process chain

C.HAFNER offers all the services of a milling and service centre via Dental Direkt – not only in the field of precious metals, but also in non-precious metals, ceramics and plastics. Increase efficiency in the digital lab with safe and user-friendly products. Our range of services includes all the services of a modern milling centre.

Configure scanner

Are you interested in using precious metal milling machines from C.HAFNER to expand your range of materials? Configure your scanner with C.HAFNER’s handy configuration wizard now and thus enable a convenient data exchange. Simply register, sign in and select the software and distributor. You will then receive your individual configuration wizard as a PDF!

Configure scanner
Trial offer

Take advantage of our attractive trial offer and test our innovative “Precious metal milling” service: Your milling units will be manufactured for free until further notice – you only pay the alloy list price plus 10% processing loss! You are welcome to contact your sales representative to discuss individually adjusted terms and conditions.

Notes, prices and shipping terms


We process *.stl data from open CAD systems such as Dental Designer (3Shape), Exocad or DentalWings. Our technical support team will gladly assist you in setting up the corresponding parameters (settings). Technical support can be reached on +49 (0)7044 90333 1236.



We mill crowns and bridges (also fully anatomical), inlays and onlays, telescopes and bars for you.

We use 3D printing to mill crowns and bridges (also fully anatomical), inlays and onlays, primary crowns and bars for you.


The price per milling each unit is €30. (not applicable for trial offer)

Additional retentions will be charged at €15, attachments at €30.

We calculate the used precious metal weight at the current list price minus precious metal markdown plus a processing loss of 10%.


Dispatch terms

We guarantee delivery within 48 hours (not inclusive of postage time) if data is received by 4:30 p.m., after which the 48-hour period for the next working day (Mon-Fri) begins.

Alternatively, we offer express production - delivery within 24 hours (not inclusive of postage time) for data received by 12pm and carries an additional charge of €9.50 per unit. If the data is received after 12p.m., the 24-hour period begins on the next working day (Mon-Fri).

We have no control over the delivery times stipulated by the postal service. You can choose between standard mail delivery (free of charge) or express delivery - before 12pm the following day (EUR 14.40).

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Prices subject to change.