Precious metal powder

We develop and produce fine spherical precious metal powders made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys, which are especially suitable for use in 3D metal printing for industrial series production. They are characterised by their high purity, excellent flowability, easy handling and a very fine-grained microstructure for additive manufacturing in precious metals. Typical areas of application are the jewellery and watches, as well as technical or medical applications. Our precious metal powders can be classified according to your specific requirements.



C.HAFNER’s ultra-modern and precise powder atomisation factory atomises gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys up to a maximum temperature of 2,300°C. It is integrated into a peripheral facility designed for powder metallurgical processes, making it possible to guarantee fine spherical powder in each respective classification. These preconditions guarantee consistent quality of the precious metal powders and are a unique selling point of C.HAFNER.


Various state-of-the-art classification processes, in combination with powder-specific analysis methods, guarantee that our powders have an optimal property profile for their respective further processing. The powders are classified according to customer-specific specifications with defined upper and lower limits (from 5 μm).

Areas of application

Additive manufacturing – (3D metal printing)

C.HAFNER precious metal powders – especially the proven PlatinGold alloy – are particularly suitable for additive manufacturing and have been specially qualified for powder bed technologies.

Additive manufacturing

Metal powder injection moulding (MIM)

C.HAFNER develops and produces high-quality precious metal powder for use in metal powder injection moulding (MIM). The technology enables effective production of large series – even in precious metal!

Hard soldering

Precious metal powders are also used for producing solder pastes. All solder pastes are custom-made to meet the customer’s requirements perfectly.


All powders are produced and prepared based on our many decades of experience.
We supply fine spherical precious metal powders in classic alloys in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and rosé and outstanding alloys such as PlatinGold® and PalladinRoyal® for the jewellery and watch-making industry as well as platinum-iridium powders for technical and medical applications. As well as this, we can produce alloys according to customer specifications individually upon request.

Precious metal powder materials