Alloy and materials technologies

C.HAFNER has a long tradition of processing precious metals and their alloys. This enables us to meet the high demands of our customers on our materials and to produce new, innovative alloys.

Our basic materials are precious metals that we extract from our own recycling process.





Our expertise lies in the metallurgy of precious metals

which is determined by:

  • the alloy science of precious metals,
  • the microstructures and their effects on the chemical and physical properties of precious metal alloys,
  • the influence of processing and heat treatments on the properties,
  • the resulting physical properties, such as:
    • hardness
    • ductility
    • tensile strength
  • and their impact on manual and machine processing, e.g. with CNC machines.

This know-how forms the basis of our alloy development and the technologies required for the different forms of materials such as semi-finished products, cast platelets and powders.

More than



Of which


are patented

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CIP Programmes

Innovative alloys: Platingold – four revolutionary properties.

The history of platinum has been reinvented. PlatinGold – the innovative platinum alloy from C.HAFNER sets new standards with an unprecedented and fascinating quality, outstanding material properties, excellent workability, brilliant white colour and a precious metal content of 97,3 %. It encompasses the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages of all previous platinum alloys.
PlatinGold is the new platinum standard.