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C.HAFNER’s range of products and services includes the development of innovative alloys, cast materials, semi-finished products, solders and solder pastes made from precious metal alloys as well as components according to your individual requirements. The basis for this is reprocessing waste that contains precious metals, such as refinery scrap or skimmings, in the recyclable material cycle. At C.HAFNER, this is done in its own process cycle in compliance with the strictest specifications and as the first and only refinery to be CO2-neutral.

Figure showing various semi-finished products

Semi-finished products

C.HAFNER semi-finished products cover the entire spectrum from simple semi-finished products to special shapes in custom preliminary products.

We offer selected semi-finished precious metal products in small quantities immediately from stock. C.HAFNER’s stock range of semi-finished products is ideal for goldsmiths, designers and producers of one-off pieces of jewellery who mainly fabricate unique items or small-scale series.

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Figure showing a watch case in platinum, yellow gold and rose gold

Manufacturing of components

Benefit from our extensive precious metals manufacturing expertise. Together with you, we develop innovative, but above all economic production strategies for your individual product – from prototype to series production.

Manufacturing of components

Platinum gold diamond ring

Innovative alloys

The development of innovative alloys has always been a key area of expertise at C.HAFNER. Several of these alloys set new standards and reveal completely new design and manufacturing perspectives through revolutionary material properties.


RJC certificate


C.HAFNER is certified according to the Chain of Custody standard of the RJC. This ensures compliance with an ethically and ecologically sound supply chain in line with the guidelines of the OECD.


Fine-grained microstructure of precious metal powder

Precious metal powder

C.HAFNER manufactures fine spherical precious metal powders from gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys. They are characterised by their high purity, excellent flowability, easy handling and a very fine-grained microstructure for additive manufacturing in precious metals.

Precious metal powder

Figure showing various creative semi-finished products

Creative semi-finished products

Our creative semi-finished products are unique in the jewellery sector and are aimed at the target group of goldsmiths, designers and producers. Our creative range includes gold and silver fibre mats as well as fibre sheets, multi-coloured gold or Mokume gane.

General catalogue

Figure showing various semi-finished products

Semi-finished products

Semi-finished products from C.HAFNER, such as blanks and windings, stand for economical jewellery fabrication. With their high degree of prefabrication, they reduce the effort involved in the production of preliminary products.

Ring blanks

Solders, solder pastes and dosing devices

Solders from C.HAFNER are perfectly matched to the precious metal products. They include coloured gold, white gold, platinum, palladium and silver solders. Solder pastes from HILDERBRAND are a useful addition. They are characterised by their outstanding quality, swift, precise application and exact dosability in conjunction with low consumption levels.


World Gold Day Logo

World Gold Day – working together for more recycling of old gold

C.HAFNER is a cooperation partner of World Gold Day and is calling for a joint effort for more recycling of old gold and better protection of the environment and resources. We want to win you over to become your point of contact for old gold!