4. Brilliant white colour

It is not only its outstanding workability that sets this new alloy apart but also its especially bright white colour. The yellowness index of platinum gold is comparable to that of much softer alloys such as platinum/cobalt, platinum/ruthenium or platinum/copper.

PlatinGold therefore suffers from none of the limitations in terms of brightness found with other alloys such as platinum alloy with copper and gallium. The brilliant white colour is a delight to behold and forms the ideal complement to the brilliance of white gemstones.

Stunning aesthetics.

Property PtCuGa PtCo PtAu Remarks
Yellowness index (YI) 13 10 10 Lower YI for brilliant whiteness
Allergenic potential very low higher very low Cobalt (Co) causes contact allergies
Magnetic properties no yes no Cobalt (Co) is ferromagnetic