3. Excellent processability

PlatinGold offers the benefits of a fine crystalline structure even after casting. Highly reactive elements such as tungsten and gallium have been avoided. This makes the material ideal for polishing and gives it good sol­dering and welding properties. In addition, its low melting range makes it easier to cast. The optimised grain structure and good malleability make it reliable to work with, providing plenty of scope for the creative manufacturing process.

Both handcrafting using conventional goldsmith’s techniques and machining on lathes or milling machines are much easier. PlatinGold makes processing a great deal more efficient.

Cost-effective processes.

Properties PtCuGa PtCo PtAu Remarks
Casting properties Excellent casting properties of PtAu
Malleability No embrittlement with PtAu
Grain size (casting) PtAu has finer grain size
Setting gemstones Easier to set stones with PtAu/settings have a longer life
Polishing PtAu has the best polishing characteristics
Soldering Ga oxides cause problems when soldering PtCuGa

= not recommended
= adequate
= good
= very good