1. High precious metal content

The secret of the outstanding properties of PlatinGold is its high precious metal content of 973 ‰. This is much higher than 950 ‰ and therefore enhances the noble characteristics of platinum. Furthermore, it contains are no allergenic alloy components such as cobalt. This chemical element is used in the majority of casting alloys and is a potentially serious allergenic agent.

Of course, no other critical alloy components are used either. PlatinGold offers excellent biocompatibility in keeping with the high standards C.HAFNER demands of precious metal materials.

Improved properties.

Property PtAu
Hardness 160 – 170 HV
Hardening No embrittlement
Grain size Approx. 200 µm
Melting range 1640 – 1680 ° C (greater scope for overheating)
Alloy components No critical elements