2. Outstanding properties

The strength and hardness of PlatinGold are sig­nifi­-cantly higher than with most well-known platinum alloys. In spite of this, its malleability is exceptionally good. Even after a considerable amount of shaping, it still retains a notable degree of malleability. And the material suffers from none of the deleterious hardening effects after heat treatment. This particular characteristic makes the alloy ideal for a universal range of applications.

In particular, intricate designs and filigree settings made from PlatinGold are very robust and show no signs whatsoever of brittleness. This ensures that stones always remain firmly seated in their settings. And PlatinGold fully lives up to the jewellery and watch making industry’s stringent requi­re­ments in terms of scratch and wear resistance.

Suitable for all applications.

Properties PtCuGa PtCo PtAu Remarks
Hardness (HV) cast/soft 175/160 140/135 170/165 PtAu has optimum basic hardness
Hardness (HV) 70 % cold formed 235 230 270 PtAu sets harder than other Pt alloys
Age hardening yes no no PtAu shows no undesirable hardening
Tensile strength (MPa) soft 430 400 500 The strength of PtAu is excellent
Elongation (%) soft > 15 > 20 > 30 PtAu still has a notable elongation of > 5 % even after 70 % cold forming